Hints from Horses

A horse that receives regular hoof care is potentially a safer horse to ride, for both the rider and the horse. Good hoof care reduces risks for slipping, stumbling, falling, and sustaining injuries that would either put the horse out of service or require the services of a veterinarian.

Good hoof care begins and ends with you. Hooves should be picked out and inspected for anything unusual before and after riding and on a daily basis when horses are regularly turned out. Farrier care every 4-8 weeks, depending on the individual horse, is a must if you want your horse to be comfortable and safe.

Doxy’s farrier provides care to the herd at a reduced rate that enables us to maintain our numbers. Without his generosity, we would have to reduce the herd by at least half. Don’t be a bargain hunter when selecting a farrier but make sure you’re getting great service for your horses.